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A showcase site is a website that allows you to present your company and your products without selling online.

It is your company that you present, your image, and like a store window, your site can be seen at any time of the day, which is a significant element.

No other marketing medium beats a site, it’s the customers who come to you.

Present your work, using photos, submit an online quote request, insert a contact form and be reachable at all times.


It allows you to be present on the net and quickly capture the attention of your customers.

A real marketing strategy, a One Page site allows you to quickly transmit all the information you want to present to your future customers.

A One Page site allows intuitive navigation.

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Fly to new adventures!

To be visible to all, it is necessary to have its own website.

How do you find an address, a company? Our reflex today: connect to the Internet. And we must admit, it remains so practical and effective that the question no longer arises…

Whether you are a craftsman, entrepreneur, merchant, artist, be present, be visible.

Thanks to your Site, reach your future customers, present your company, your products, your works.

Film your backstage, make your visitors discover your activity, your practical skills, your personal skills and insert them on your site.

I like to create, discover, share…

I have always loved drawing, painting, graphic design. Also attracted by digital creation, it is a way for me to express myself and convey my passion.

After a career in commerce and mass distribution as a manager for 30 years, I followed professional training in order to live from this passion through the profession of Web Designer. I also took training as a site creator using Word Press, the most widely used tool in the world since nearly 45% of sites are created with Word Press.

Today I am happy to use my skills in this area to support you, from the purchase of your domain name to the launch of your site, by integrating security and backup systems.

Guide you, advise you, walk with you to make your project our success!

Examples of showcase sites

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